The LESS IS MORE Philosophy...

Nearly six centuries ago Leonardo da Vinci was quoted as saying that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and you can bet your boots that he wasn't the first to recognise it. Sadly, many people fail to embrace the elegance and benefits of simplicity and seem to delight in going out of their way to make things ever more complicated. The LESS IS MORE guides are a reaction to this and are written for people who want to get straight to the facts.

Most non-fiction books are way too long, often going around the houses several times repeating the same information in different ways with a load of extraneous waffle along the way. In contrast, the LESS IS MORE guides have the ultimate aim of keeping things simple, uncluttered, relevant and to the point. The idea is to cut out the unnecessary and provide concise topical information in a guide where LESS really is MORE.

© Tony Williams 2014